About Us

Who are we?

Rajmehar Designs was started by Mr. Shubham Aggarwal with a single aim to help make the process of sourcing jewellery easy for everyone based in India and abroad. We are a team of motive-driven entrepreneurs, enthusiastic about jewelry making and everything coupled with it. What keeps us going is a burning zeal to join hands with budding entrepreneurs to make their journey a smooth sail.

What do we do?

Rajmehar Designs started in 2014 with a single motive to help ecommerce businesses raise their empire with our constituents.

It is an ecosystem that works for the supply of fashion jewelry in bulk for B2B businesses. Our goal is to give your ideas wings and designs life.

There is always an artisanal zeal that flows in the air of Rajmehar Designs and constantly drives us to work with local karigars (artisans) spreaded across India  with all different kinds of techniques, connecting us with their lives and giving us the mystic powers to pass it on to you.

We value art and the thought behind it, therefore, along with acting as a regular wholesale jewelry supplier, we aim at converting your designs into reality.

If you would like to get in touch with our team, email us at